Tuition fee €3,100 per year
Application fee €150 one-time
Deposit €500 one-time


Registration fee €400 one-time

– Consultations for selection of HEI
– Migration & visa consultation
– Registration in the Baltic Center database
HEI admission documents’ check
– General testing for all Baltic Center HEIs – Admission Examination
– Student’s admission to HEI
– Documents’ arrangement for the payments to HEI
– Invitation for the embassy.
The period of preparation from week to two months
- You will access to admission system with extra BONUS information&
- You will have your own manager and curators on each stage of admission process.

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The value of the Academic Master Study Program “Digital Humanities” is determined by a great demand for specialists with double qualification and a degree in cross-disciplinary field able to demonstrate multiple competences on the international labor market. Students with both Bachelor degree in Humanities and related fields and Bachelor degree in Engineering can enroll for the program. Special adjustment study courses are offered to the students depending on their undergraduate degree, they provide the necessary level of competence in the second major field. Graduates of the study program should not only develop competence in dealing with the constantly growing volume of information, but also develop subject knowledge in the respective fields. The program offers a unique synergy between Information Technologies and Humanities!

• Internship opportunities at the Latvian National Library and National Archive, governmental institutions, publishing houses, media agencies as well as
leading ICT companies;
ERASMUS+ student and staff mobility opportunities;
• Membership of the program in the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations provides excellent opportunities to participate in joint research projects;
• Opportunity to publish results of own research in reputable indexed journals;
• Opportunity to enroll for Doctoral study programs in Digital Humanities, E-Learning Technologies, Knowledge Management, etc.

Programme structure

Column 1 Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree background
Column 2 Bachelor degree in humanities, pedagogy, translation, art, social sciences or comparable education background

A Compulsory study courses 36.0 CP (54.0 ECTS)
Introduction to Digital Humanities
Rhetorical Skills and Strategies
Artificial Intelligence in Humanities
Study Design and Implementation
Software Metrology and Planning Models
Interdisciplinary Semiotics
Digital Discourse Studies
Modern Methods of Text Analysis
Creative Writing and Stylistics
The English Language
Cognition: Meaning Representation
Interlingual Information Transfer
Terminology and Terminography
Introduction to Programming, Design of E-learning Materials and Education
Applied Software
Development of Web-Applications for the Internet
Introduction to Big Data Analytics
Scientific Modelling

B Compulsory elective study courses 16.0 CP (24.0 ECTS)
B1 Field-specific study course 12.0 CP (18.0 ECTS)
Digital Editing and Publishing
Communication and Presentation Skills
Research Strategies and Writing for Academic Publishing
Graphic Design Technologies
Graphical Editors and Animation Creation Software
Audio and Video Data Processing
Electronic Commerce and E-business
Portfolio Management Technologies
e-Business Solutions
Knowledge Management Systems
Product Design and Development
Cultural Heritage Management
Principles of Design Planning and Management
Architectural Morphology and Researh Methods
Cross-Cultural Aspect of the Language
Translator’s Skills
Semantics and Pragmatics in Translation
Advanced Course in the Second Language (the Spanish language)
Advanced Course in the Second Language (the French Language)
Advanced Course in the Second Language (the German Language)

B2 Humanities and social sciences study courses 4.0 CP (6.0 ECTS)
E-pedagogy and e-didactics
Organization Theory
Media and Society
Research Methods in Social Sciences
Cognitive and Social Psychology

C Free elective study courses 4.0 CP (6.0 ECTS)
D Practical Placement 4.0 CP (6.0 ECTS

E Final examination 20.0 CP (30.0 ECTS)
Master Thesis

Career opportunities

Graduates of the study program with the degree in digital humanities can seek employment in governmental institutions, publishing houses, archives, libraries, marketing bureaus, institutions of higher education, life-long learning projects, state, municipal, private enterprises, and other institutions where knowledge management, content management, e-learning technology management, as well as the knowledge of the foreign languages, engineering, IT, web design, presentation skills, and creative approach to work are necessary. All the above-mentioned skills are integrated within the framework of the program.

The Academic Master Study Program “Digital Humanities” ensures teaching ESP on the advanced level, development of research skills, synthesis and integration of skills and competences according to the requirements of the European Union institutions and labor market.

Apply now! Fall semester 2022
Application period has ended
Studies commence
Sep 5, 2022

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! Fall semester 2022
Application period has ended
Studies commence
Sep 5, 2022

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States